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Welcome Photo: a desk, with paper, a pair of glasses, an ink pot and a sprig of greenery are scattered. In the centre are several sheets of brown paper, being written on by a pair of hands. The sheet shows the word Welcome having just been written on it.

Terry Pratchett once said “so much universe, and so little time” and this pretty much encapsulates how I feel about life.  There are so many things I want to see, so many places I want to visit, and so many thoughts I want to weave into stories that I sometimes feel like I’m always playing catch-up.

This small corner of the internet is where I┬ácan be found when I’m not writing, crocheting, reading, walking through various woods, visiting interesting things (when the pandemic permits), drawing or playing the Ukulele.

In the blog tab you can find my latest adventures in crafting, writing, reading and generally being a human in this currently even stranger than normal world. At the moment there are no regularly scheduled posts (thanks to finding myself living in very interesting times on a personal level as well as the pandemic) but I’m hoping 2022 will bring a little more space for structure in my world.

If you’re here from the Great War Group, or you’re not but you’re interested in the First World War any way, then my WWI: 52, 52 tab is the one you want. This contains all the posts I wrote to commemorate the centenary of the conflict, one post for each month of the conflict.

I’m also on twitter at @kizzia30 and tumblr at @wherekizzialives – feel free to drop by and chat to me about whatever is making you happy right now.


NB: Before October 2016 I was using google’s blogger as my main site – all the posts from there have now been transferred to this blog. Unfortunately the tagging and category system which broke during the import process and is taking me far longer than expected to fix. I can only apologise for any confusion caused!