20 April 2009

Well the title says it all really!
I am in the process of getting divorced and then starting the rest of my life. I have always wanted to write but in the past 10 years I have not had the courage or the self confidence to put pen to paper (as it were). Now I have come to realise that, cliched as it sounds, life is not a rehersal and that putting other peoples happiness before your own doesn’t actually make for a life at all. Hence the leap into the blog. All I am going to do is write my thoughts on here, my plans and my ambitions and see how I get along.
It doesn’t really matter if any one else reads this – I am doing this because I think it will make me happy and right now I am going to put myself first (which is a first for me because I have always thought that was a selfish thing to do and tried not to – but it didn’t make me happy and clearly didn’t work in my relationship so I’m going for a new approach).
My new digital camera is waiting at home for me to record my new way of life in pictures and I am going to see where it all takes me.
If I’m honest, I’m really quite scared but so, so excited to see where I will end up and who the real me actually is. I have spent so long trying to make other people happy I have forgotten who I really am according to several of my friends and after a long amount of soul searching I have to admit they are probably right 😦
Welcome to my world – I hope I’m going to find it interesting!

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