Marmite having fun in coniston water.

Sorry about lack of posts lately. My home pc isn't connecting to the internet at the moment and I can't post at work. This is just a quick one from my phone. I had a wonderful weekend in the lake district and as soon as I can I shall post some more pictures and properly … Continue reading Marmite having fun in coniston water.

Flowers and friends

This is a close up of the blossom on a tree in my garden. It is just so beautiful and I am hoping to turn it into a painting on canvas (just got two canvas's at Aldi for £4 - it is amazing what you can buy there). I definitely think painting is going to … Continue reading Flowers and friends

The joy of friends

I went out for lunch with my boss and work mates today and had a really lovely time. I think my boss suggested it because today I reverted back to my maiden surname and emailed everyone at work to tell them it had changed (and why, there is nothing worse that being asked repeatedly if … Continue reading The joy of friends