The joy of friends

I went out for lunch with my boss and work mates today and had a really lovely time. I think my boss suggested it because today I reverted back to my maiden surname and emailed everyone at work to tell them it had changed (and why, there is nothing worse that being asked repeatedly if you have got married!). I was so nice to just sit and have a chat and a drink and put the world to rights. It is things like that which make me think that I am getting over it all, however slowly.

As well as a lunch out, I’m also being taken out to dinner tonight by two of my friends who I had thought (totally wrongly) would take my soon to be ex husbands side and remain friends with him. Don’t get me wrong, they still go to the pub and meet up with him, but they have left me in no doubt that they don’t want to take sides and want to stay friends with me as well. Apologies for the short post today but I have to go and get myself ready!

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