Flowers and friends

This is a close up of the blossom on a tree in my garden. It is just so beautiful and I am hoping to turn it into a painting on canvas (just got two canvas’s at Aldi for £4 – it is amazing what you can buy there). I definitely think painting is going to be theraputic!

I had a really lovely evening out last night, good food, great company and an evening full of laughs. I’ve also had an unexpectedly nice day today. Kerry rang me this morning so I took Marmite over to see her and we had a nice walk round the lake and then a gossip over coffee. Just what the doctor ordered! Once I’d got home and tidied up the kitchen I had a lovely camenbert and chorizo salad for lunch and then spent a couple of hours mowing and raking the lawn and then sweeping the grass cuttings up and the back garden looks so much better now. Marmite has already decorated the lawn with chewed sticks (no idea where they all come from since I spent a good 15mins removing all the ones I could see) and barked vigorously at the dangerous fence panel :).

Michelle then popped in for a cup of tea and a chat and we are finally starting our ‘running made easy’ programme tomorrow at 10am. I’ve managed to find my trainers and kit, all I need to do now is remember I’m trying to ease back in slowly and not go off like a mad thing and pull something!

I’m really enjoying being on my own – very peaceful and very rewarding (when you tidy something it stays tidied!) and I’m definitely having more of a life now than I did before. Life is good at the moment. Yay me!

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