Plot bunnies are jumping

Given the wave of interviews and news on S4 of Merlin this week (they started filming S4 a couple of weeks ago) I now have a fan fiction plot stuck in my head that won't go away, despite the fact I have three short stories I need to be working on. Oh well, the muse … Continue reading Plot bunnies are jumping

Fairy Dust

The shadow of pen and hand flickers on the blank pageBurning like stygian flames, consuming intent, kindling fear Your hand withdraws, leaving virgin white unsulliedThe starkness mocks, continuing to hold your gazeAs hope fades like forgotten fairies, lost in the flakesSnow blindness strikes, cleaving the story from your mindBut in the blizzard one crystal flares, … Continue reading Fairy Dust

Neglected but not forgotten

I'd almost forgotten I had this blog but I realised I wanted to post some of my poems and other writing and remembered I'd set it up. So, I'm back and I thought I'd post some of the pics I took while I was in Pierrefonds last September - watching the cast films some of … Continue reading Neglected but not forgotten