Plot bunnies are jumping

Given the wave of interviews and news on S4 of Merlin this week (they started filming S4 a couple of weeks ago) I now have a fan fiction plot stuck in my head that won’t go away, despite the fact I have three short stories I need to be working on. Oh well, the muse is fickle and I guess writing is writing – it’s all good practice!

What really sparked it was the confirmation that there will be a new character, Agravaine (which I’m probably spelling wrong) who is Arthur’s uncle. Now in the legend, Agravaine is Arthur’s nephew – son of Morgause and Lot of Lothian – a Knight of Camelot but malicious and quite evil. On the principle that if he’s Arthur’s maternal uncle (I can’t see Uther having a brother that has never been mentioned before) he has a perfect ‘in’ to Camelot now Uther’s lost the plot – offering his nephew some much needed support in this troubled time – and will also have a very strong motive for revenge – no one likes having a family member killed!

With that in mind if anyone wants me this week I’ll be curled up with a huge pad and a vast cup of coffee, trying to get my fiendish plans for Morgana, Mordred and Agravaine to come together.

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