A little Merlin fan fiction

This is a Merlin drabble of which I’m inordinately proud. In case you don’t know a drabble is exactly 100 words and if you’ve never watched Merlin this will make no sense at all and I apologise for confusing you. Oh and I don’t own Merlin, no copyright infringement intended, I’m not making any money out of this!

Lips as Red as Blood

Lips as red as blood …
that used to smirk, back when she thought she was powerful. Now they beg.

Skin as white as snow …
unsullied and pure. Like she used to be. Before she sold her soul.

Hair as black as ebony …
dark and twisted as her heart. And like silk in my hands.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall …
I left her one. So she can reflect on what her life has become.

This once fair witch is in my thrall …
‘Please Merlin,’ she whispers, desperate. Then her lips are pressed to mine.


No kiss can break this spell.

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