In which I am annoyed … at least to start with

I really should learn that reading Liz Jones is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure but, stupidly, each week I think that she can’t possibly top whatever ridiculous complaint she made the week before.  Wrong.  Her column today is on the subject of disastrous holidays and by the time I’d reached the end I was quite close to foaming at the mouth.
Now I know that she is probably exaggerating everything for effect but that doesn’t actually make it any better.  I mean who on earth would want to present themselves to the world as such a bitter narcissistic moaner?  OK, so maybe that is a bit harsh but really, how else do you describe someone who tells you they’ve visited some of the most beautiful places on earth and hated it because they are unable to appreciate what is right in front of them since they are too busy self obsessing.  Oh, I know all about the failed marriage, the eating disorder and the depression but that doesn’t excuse her “poor me, everything is horrible even when people who care about me do their damnedest to make me happy” attitude. 
Yes she has had to face some horrible things in her life and yes, they are things which take a lot of time, effort and will power to overcome but she’s still extremely lucky, if she could only see it.  And that’s the crux of the matter and what makes me so desperately sad and so desperate to give her a slap, tell her to get a grip and then give her a hug and a hot chocolate.  A great many of her current problems are of her own making, yet she continues to make them worse by acting as if she has no control over her life and by laying herself open to being labelled in the way I have above.  It can’t do her self esteem any good at all and it certainly isn’t conducive to finding contentment. – which is what I think she craves.
And before you say I can’t possibly imagine what she’s gone through let me tell you that I can.  And that I came out the other side a stronger, happier person because I accepted that I had a choice about how I viewed my life and how I dealt with what was happening.  I didn’t do it alone and I certainly made mistakes along the way.  Hell, I’m still making them now and every single day I have to work at being the person I want to be.  But they pay off is amazing – I can look myself in the eye and know I’m making the best of my life, know that I have nothing to regret.  I just want her to know that feeling too.    

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