All Hallows Eve

Tonight we remember the dead. The pumpkin has been carved and the table set in readiness. This is the night for us to tell the tales of those whom we have lost, for through our stories their voices will be heard once more. First though we must light the candles to guide their spirits home. … More All Hallows Eve

That’s a wrap

I watch the ink dry on the page and brace myself for the flood of emotion I’m sure I should feel. Nothing happens. I nod at my solicitor, not really paying attention to what she’s saying about dates and court confirmation; it’s all a formality now and thus doesn’t matter any more. Ten years of … More That’s a wrap

Spells in Old English

Below are all the spells that I have used so far in my Season 4 Merlin fan fiction ‘This is the beginning‘ Prologue Æworuld rice gelácnian hie bánsele. Hælu ond eftgian mín déore sweostor Ancient powers heal her body.  Cure and strengthen my beloved sister. SE2PII Hræd eac galdor innan mic bréostgeþanc gif Arthur sy … More Spells in Old English


This fecund mistress of the Summer Lord Lies in her bower of oak, but finds no rest. With heaving belly, ripe as fleshy gourd, She toils alone to bring her true harvest. Thick hair of golden corn goes dull with sweat, Her leaf green gown turns red with blood’s bright stain. But eyes of acorn … More Autumn


Here live my shields against the world. Closing my eyes I inhale the mingling scents of fresh print and ancient, crumbling bindings, until my anxiety ebbs away. Which do I want? I move amongst them, nodding to old friends, assessing new arrivals, narrowing down my choices. I need comfort, I decide, the comfort of familiarity. … More Sanctuary