Spells in Old English

Below are all the spells that I have used so far in my Season 4 Merlin fan fiction This is the beginning

Æworuld rice gelácnian hie bánsele. Hælu ond eftgian mín déore sweostor
Ancient powers heal her body.  Cure and strengthen my beloved sister.
Hræd eac galdor innan mic bréostgeþanc gif Arthur sy beneoðan þéowwracu fram gædeling
Quickly alert with enchanted song in my mind if Arthur is under threat from kinsman/companion
‘Ic básneúre ansíen’
I await your presence
Ic béo ac a orpung ap byre swá Ic áierne … Búte þú geþoftian æt méc Ic béo ungesewenu …
I am but a breathe of wind as I pass … unless you ally to me I am unseen …
æt á eágsínes Ic béo ac welig
To all eyes I am but tree

Please note that my grasp of the intricacies of Old English grammar and sentence construction leaves a lot to be desired.  Hence the incantations above are more of a literal translation and probably make no sense whatsoever to anyone who actually reads the language. 

I put them together using the Old English Translator, which is absolutely brilliant – check it out here – and I shall update this post each and every time I use a new spell in my fanfiction

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