That’s a wrap

I watch the ink dry on the page and brace myself for the flood of emotion I’m sure I should feel.

Nothing happens.

I nod at my solicitor, not really paying attention to what she’s saying about dates and court confirmation; it’s all a formality now and thus doesn’t matter any more.

Ten years of my life are held in the documents she’s bundling up in front of me and I’ve signed it all away.

I’m free.

‘That just about wraps it up,’ she says, shaking my hand. ‘Yes,’ I reply, a smile creeping across my face, ‘Yes, it does.’

My divorce was finalised in October 2009, almost ten years to the day since I met my ex-husband for the first time. Two years later a tweet from Bradley James about wrapping Season 4 of Merlin and a blog post from Mr London Street made me think of it again. Funny how the mind works, really!

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