100 things

A few months ago there was a challenge posted on Live Journal to make 100 posts about things that mattered to you. Didn’t matter what topic – TV shows, films, books, colours of nail varnish … heck I’ve even seen posts on parts of celebrities bodies – just as long as you were passionate about it. It sounded like a brilliant idea and I agreed with a friend that we’d do it together. I was going to write Sherlock 221B drabbles, she was going to do her favourite things.

Well, I haven’t written any drabbles at all and she’s managed to write an entire story using them. Needless to say, as hers are so wonderful and I’ve been editing them I’m no longer going to attempt my own.

But, since my writing output has been appalling over the last eight months, I’ve decided I am still going to do the challenge. Only I’ll be writing about my favourite things. And by things I literally mean the things that fire me up, make me happy, reduce me to tears or make my heart so full I can’t speak. So, for the next 100 posts on here, be prepared for a wide variety of randomness and, in some cases, what will look like complete insanity. Oh and probably lots of photos!

One last thing! If you want to see what other people have been doing for this on Livejournal or you have an LJ account and want to join in, just click on the picture:

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