A few photos

I visited Much Wenlock yesterday (which, for those of you who aren’t inimately aquainted with the towns and villages of Shropshire, is approximately 13 miles South West of Telford) and, as is my want, took a few photos while the sun was shining.
Since a few of them came out rather well, I thought I’d share them – so here you are:

One of my favourite bookshops in the world (yes there will be a favourite things post on it at some point)

A couple of the lovely buidings around and about

A butterfly that happened to stay still long enough for me to get some non-blurry shots:

A bee because I seem to be incapable of weilding a camera near flowers without photographing one:

All of these were taken with my iPhone rather than my proper posh camera and although croped haven’t been altered in any other way.

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