Wenlock Books, Much Wenlock – My favourite things – 4 of 100 – Places

This is not a huge bookshop by any means but size most definitely isn’t everything – it’s what you do with it that counts. And here they make it count. The window display onto the street is always vibrant and, if the weather isn’t doing the usual rain, drizzle mizzle thing that is one of the only downsides to being so close to the Welsh Hills, there will be a few books outside the shop to give you an idea of what’s new and intriguing this month. 

Stepping through the door you’ll find cards, wrapping and a few other paper based goodies, as well as some truly lovely re-useable bags, including this one; which I couldn’t not buy, not given how apt the statement is in relation to me:

The downstairs is given over to new books and there is also a lovely selection of classical music CD’s in a rack, one of which will be playing softly in the background. The children’s section – right at the back on the left – is a sight to behold and I’ve found some real gems for my honorary nieces and nephews. 

Up the small staircase, however, is the gem – a whole floor of second hand books on any topic imaginable are crowded into to wooden shelves, the wooden floor, beamed ceiling and table in the centre complete with chairs so you can really browse to your heart’s content giving it the feeling that you’ve stepped into a bibliophile’s living room. 

And that’s the point really. 

It’s intimate and cosy and I relax the minute I step over the threshold. The owner is lovely, always has time for a chat and doesn’t ever give me strange looks when I come tottering down the stairs clutching the latest range of esoteric items that I’ve found for research or just, well, because they look interesting. 

Keeping a bookshop going in a small village is a hard task, made no easier by the current economic climate, but this little gem has weathered the storm well. Mainly because it really is a gem and well worth a visit if you happen to be passing through; not only will you have a lovely time in the village itself – several good teashops and pubs as well beautiful scenery – but you’re sure to find at least one book to tempt you at a price that makes it almost impossible not to give in and buy one.

Oh and they have a website too, if you fancy having a look – it’s here

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