Happy Birthday Marmite!

I’m taking a brief break from my NaNoWriMo scribblings to make this short post about my beloved doggy.

Marmite, also know as Wiglet, Piglet, Flea-bag Furpaws, Wigglington Stanley, Buster, Pootlebury, Protector of the Patio, Guardian of the Known Borders and Oosaful Boosaful doggie (please don’t ask, I have no idea, it just happened) was born on 4th November 2004. I can’t post a picture of her at birth as I don’t have one but this is the first time we met, when she was just four weeks old:

Marmite 4 weeks old
She is now eight, which makes her 56 in dog years and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I will freely admit that I never wanted a dog in the first place but was persuaded by two sets of puppy dog eyes, one pair of them hers (I defy anyone to be handed a 4 week old Labrador and not fall in love) and she and I have never looked back.  I’ve already told her she is going to be the world’s first immortal dog and she seems to be taking the charge seriously, so I’m hoping that I will be making birthday posts for her for many, many years to come. 

 So, because she assiduously reads every post I make (no I’m not delusional, I’m a writer, I have a very vivid imagination) I shall say Happy Birthday to her once again, confirm that I love her very much and post a shot of her, taken today, with her present (a new fluffy toy mouse who has been named Basil – yes you do get virtual cookies if you can tell me why I picked that):

Marmite on her eighth birthday
It should be noted that she did also get some steak. I can’t post a picture of her with it because it was consumed so fast I think she may have set some kind of land-speed record!

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