A few pictures from my Christmas Day walk.

As is traditional, the dog and I had a long walk on Christmas Morning in which she dashed through every puddle she found, twice, and I gave the iPhone camera an airing.If you click on this "delightful" snap of me it will take you to my live journal page where the rest of the pictures, … Continue reading A few pictures from my Christmas Day walk.

Christmas Eve reflections

I've come outside because the dog needs to complete her evening ablutions and, in her old age, she's getting increasingly skittish in the dark and doesn't like to venture forth alone. It's cool but not cold, the sky mostly clear bar the wisps of cloud that fly across the sky faster than Santa's reindeer could … Continue reading Christmas Eve reflections

Film Review: Concerning Hobbits

As the title implies, I went to see “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” last night and now I feel the urge to tell people about it.Since this could be considered very slightly spoilery (I mention a couple of scenes but nothing detailed) you may wish to turn back now. If not ... the read on, my precious … Continue reading Film Review: Concerning Hobbits