Spring photos and other news

So I’ve been a bit quiet over here recently.

This can mostly be explained away by the fact that I did Camp NaNo in April (74K words done and not one WIP finished!) and spent last weekend in London, going to the theatre amongst other things (The Tempest and The Winslow Boy – both amazing in completely different ways).

However I’ve been posting a lot more on Live Journal of late; mainly because the app is much easier to keep updated on the move and the site as a whole is much more photo friendly. So this post is my attempt to rectify my invisibleness and to give you all an update of the things I’ve done you might like to see!

Spring photos first! The two below are the first ones from each of my LJ posts in the past week. If you click on the link below them they’ll take you to a each set in my LJ respectively:

Hello Spring!
Spring Bank Holiday snaps

I did a quick review of The Tempest at The Globe the day I saw it and that can be found here. I read one review of it that was very uncomplimentary and I did wonder if the critic and I had seen the same performance!

National Poetry Month is now over but I did succeed in posting a poem a day over on LJ and if you click here you will find all thirty posts for you to browse at your leisure. I hadn’t realised just how many of my childhood memories involved poems until I did this and I can honestly say I loved every single day of posting and sharing.

Writing wise, my original fiction writing time is all devoted to my WWI/Afghanistan novel at the moment so there isn’t anything new to be shared. Except … I did write a poem for National Poetry Month. A sonnet inspired by my visit to The Globe which you can find here, if you fancy it.

The fan fiction hasn’t stopped, however, so if you are a BBC Sherlock fan and then please pop over to my LJ here, where you’ll find details of all my works WIP or completed, that you can peruse at your leisure.

I also wanted to say that I now have a Tumblr – Eyes like the Afghan Night Sky – where I’m also sharing photos and other WWI, Afghanistan Conflict and Arthurian things as the mood takes me. Tumblr is one of those places I’m never completely at home on but I like for the sheer volume of things that I can find on there and the quality of some of the photos and artwork. I haven’t made a lot of posts on there yet but I’m enjoying the time I spend perusing it.

And that’s it for the moment. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Bank Holiday if you live in the UK.

I shall be back at the end of next week with some bits and pieces on the trip I’m about to take into the wilds of Herefordshire!

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