On returning from the wilds of Herefordshire …

I thought I would share some of my photos.

 Mum, Dad and I decided to go for a long weekend because my Gran on my mother’s side (who was born in 1906 and died eleven years ago) spent quite a lot of her childhood there, specifically in the village of Hoarwithy, living with her Grandparents during WWI. Her grandfather, Thomas Mattey, was a stonemason and we believe he helped to build the Hoarwithy church.

We didn’t find any more evidence of Gran’s family while we were there but we did have some lovely, if rain filled days and sampled some of the local cider in some wonderfully local pubs.

Anyway, pictures to make you smile …

1 Loughpool Pub

You can find the rest of the pictures over at my Live Journal here.

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