Today is UK Armed Forces Day

And this is me showing my support for the brave men and women, and their families, who serve our country so diligently and put themselves in harms way for our benefit.
Last year I wrote a post about heroes inspired by a quote from BBC Sherlock. This year my offering for the day is also Sherlock related, but this time I’ve written some fan fiction based round the first moments in A Study in Pink, where we see John dreaming about his time on the front line. Titled “A Lack of Color” the story can be found here.
I have also recently started a new blog entitled “Fighting John Watson’s War” – it could otherwise be known as the repository for all my thoughts on the military career of BBC Sherlock’s John Watson, the UK Armed Forces and the current Afghanistan Conflict. There isn’t a huge amount on there at the moment but it will be growing in the next few months, however the page with list of books, DVD’s and websites I’ve been using to research my Afghnistan novel may be of interest to some of you and that can be found here.

I hope all our troops, wherever they are, are safe today and remain so. I keep them in my thoughts.

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