Reporting for duty again.

Well I’m back, having had a holiday that was amazing, yet profoundly moving and will, I know, have a deep affect on me for many years to come.

I realised last night that I’ve stood in the vicinity of almost 100,000 graves in the past week and, much like visualising otters on GERTIE, it really brought home to me the scale of WWI in a way simply reading about the battles and the losses on a page never could.

I’m intending to write up everywhere I visited so that I’ll have an on-line diary of the trip, partly because I think I need to put it all on paper in a more coherent way than it is now, but mostly because I want to share it all with you.

In other news, I’m holding a SSAFA “Big Brew Up” at my workplace tomorrow, so there has been much baking done (photos will be posted from that too, and recipes if anyone requests them).

In case you don’t know, SSAFA used to be called the Soldier’s, Sailor’s and Airmen’s Families Association and is a charity that does whatever it takes to get things done. They provide practical support and assistance to servicemen and women, veterans, and their families – from WWII veterans who need help with their heating bills to families who have lost loved ones in the current Afghanistan Conflict – every single day of the year. Whatever the problem is, SSAFA will find a way to solve it. 

The “Big Brew Up” is SSAFA’s nationwide event to raise much needed funds and there will be tea and cakes being served in homes and offices all over the country that week. So, if any of you lovely people happen to stumble across a “Big Brew Up”, please do go and have a cup of tea and drop some change in the donation box, they really are a fabulous charity!

Also, our inaugural SHERLOCK MIDLANDS MEET UP is this Saturday! If you are in the vicinity of Birmingham at any time between 11am and 5pm please do feel free to drop into the Coffee Lounge (Navigation Street, right next to the new Stephenson St exit of Birmingham New Street Station) and say hello. Cat and I will be there all day and at the moment it looks like there will be around 10 of us, gossiping, playing games and generally having a fabulous fandom day.

Full details are either on LJ here or on Tumblr here and I have a Twitter account – @SHMidlandsMeet – too. A few signal boosts would be much appreciated!

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