UK Armed Forces Day

is today, so this is me showing my support for all our troops – past, present, alive and dead!

I had intended to post a new Captain Watson fic to mark the occasion but Real Life got in the way and I haven’t finished the re-write. So, instead, I’m just going stick this glorious picture of Benedict dressed as Sherlock holding one of the Armed Forces Day flags on here instead:

Full face photo

As some of you may already know, I try to assist in fundraising for various Forces charities that support current and ex servicemen and women and their families in the UK. Normally I don’t solicit donations cold – I either do cake sales or try and get sponsored for something – but today I’m going to make an exception:

ABF The Soldier’s Charity – supporting UK soldiers.

SSAFA – lifelong support for British Forces and their families.

BLESMA – support for limbless veterans.

The Royal British Legion – helping UK Forces past and present.

Help For Heroes – providing practical, direct support for servicemen and women wounded in our current conflicts.

Combat Stress – the Veterans’ mental health charity.

Blind Veterans UK – assisting ex-servicemen and women who are blind or vision impaired.

uk4U-Thanks! – providing gift boxes as a thank you from the nation to soldiers serving overseas at Christmas.

All these links will take you to the donation pages for charities who have directly helped some of the servicemen and women I’ve been in contact with (some of whom I’ve actually met) in the process of researching the Afghanistan conflict. If you do happen to have a couple of pounds spare today, and would consider donating to one of them, it would really be appreciated. These charities really do make a huge difference and any support you can give would be most, most welcome!

Finally, if you’d like to read some of the fics I previously wrote which focus on what John’s experiences as a member of the British Armed Forces might have been like, then these are they:

A Lack of Color – Gen – John Watson, John in Afghanistan, Depression – part of the Death Cab for Cutie series – approx. 3k words – Canon Compliant – A look at John’s nightmare at the start of A Study In Pink – Written for UK Armed Forces Day – Posted 29 June 2013.
Summary: Mycroft was right. John wasn’t traumatised by the war, he missed it. And nothing evidenced the stark contrast between his current existence and the life he’d lost more than the moments between dreaming and waking.
Alternate Links: LJ –

The Send-Off – Teen – Post Reichenbach, Reunion fic, John in Afghanistan, descriptions of death, suicidal ideation – approx.4k words – Written for the Red Pants Challenge but most definitely not a typical Red Pants fic – Canon compliant to the end of Series 2 – Series 3 never happened – Posted 23 September 2012.
Summary: Sherlock presses his fingers to the few stitches visible above the jeans, his warmth bleeding through them and the red cotton to John’s skin beneath. ‘Will you tell me?’
Alternate Links: LJ –

Tales from the River Bank – Gen – Emotional hurt/comfort, John’s memories of Afghanistan – approx 1k – Set at some point before the end of Series 2 – Posted 5 March 2014
Summary: A case brings back some bad memories for John. Sherlock does what he can.
Alternate Links: LJ –

A Memory Kindled – Teen – hurt/comfort, John’s memories of Afghanistan – approx. 700 words – Written for the watsons_woes July challenge – Prompt #27. Set at some point before the end of Series 2 – Posted 27 July 2013.
Summary: ‘What was it like?’ I don’t need to see his face to know what Sherlock’s asking about, given that his fingers have been running over my scar for the past few minutes, but I turn anyway, shifting under the sheet so that I’m fully on my back, left arm pressed into his chest.
Alternate Links: LJ –

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