Words from the Week

Firstly, if I could manage to talk about the Ferguson decision and my feelings towards those people in positions of power who have willingly perverted the course of justice to protect a murderer and hide institutionalised racism without resorting to streams of four letter words and incoherent raging, I would. As it is, I send my thoughts and prayers to Mike Brown’s family and everyone who spends their lives battling against discrimination. I wish the world were as I wanted it to be rather than how it is and I wish I didn’t feel so helpless to change anything.

Secondly, to all my American friends, wherever they are in the world, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’re all having lovely food and a spiffing time.

In happy, happy news, I am now honourary Aunty Kim to Jonathan Daniel Masters, who was born at 4.56am on Monday 24thNovember, weighing 6lbs 4oz. Bryony has informed me – as well as the fact that she, Little Jon and her hubbie are all fine and dandy – that she will not be doing the giving birth thing again. Ever.

I was in London on Saturday, originally just to see Not About Heroes at Trafalgar Studios (review here) but, happily, it was also the first weekend of corpsereviver and whiskeydaisy’s visit to London and so I able to meet them for a drink and a gossip afterwards. To add to the awesomeness, several other Sherlockians (including the darling mistyzeo) joined us and we did laugh and giggle and talk about all sorts of things. I was a very happy human when I got on my train back to Shropshire.

Bonus pictures of a very British Paddington Bear and the only shop Sherlock needs to visit on the South Bank for John this Christmas, courtesy of my pre-theatre wander through South Bank and Whitehall:

The rest of the week has been a whirl of work (where I plucked up the courage to lay my career progression on the line and say if they can’t give me what I deserve in terms of promotion and pay then I will be looking for a new job in the New Year), writing (still not hit my NaNo goal yet, but I have three days!), singing practice (charity carolling in the middle of Wolverhampton next Tuesday) and present making. I also have a half tidy house, a Dog that really doesn’t like the cold night air and a level of Christmas excitement that would be more fitting for a five year old.  But I don’t care! Because CHRISTMAS!

And on that gloriously festive note, I’ve still got some prompt slots left for my Twelve Days of Ficmas, so if you fancy having me write you a ficlet based on a two word prompt, head over here and leave one for me!

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