Words from the Week

These are late words – three days late to be precise – and for that I apologise. However sometimes real life doesn’t respect posting schedules and this is one of those occasions.

My weekend in London was was a wonderful whirl of theatre, film and friends – Sikes & Nancy, Miss Haversham’s Expectation, King Charles III & Cats on the theatre front and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (twice – one involving the appearance of Sir Ian McKellan) was the film component. I will be writing and posting reviews of all of them, which I hope to complete at some point over the next few days. Hope is definitely the operative word, given that I’ve also to finish the thirteen Christmas prompt ficlets, the “I Know Schnapps” ficlet of doom (as in doom to me, not that it is about doom laden things) and an – as yet unnamed – story about a homeless Afghanistan veteran. Plus there are presents to wrap for the family, Dog to be walked and various other year end preparations to complete.

I also have a post to write about a painting associated with the Arthurian legends which I acquired a few weeks back (the original, from the artist herself). But that will be once I’ve managed to work through all the feelings associated with it and am less likely to just blurt out the emotional equivalent of a keyboard smash!
Ah, the winter holidays, how I do love you and how badly, in my case, you are misnamed; winter do-all-the-things would be better. But wittering on about the to-do list will not get it done, so away I go.
And away I will stay, for a couple of weeks at least, because the next two Thursdays are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day respectively and I know my limitations. So I hope all of you have a wonderful time between now and January 8th, which ever religious festival you celebrate, if you’re intending to celebrate at all, and that 2015 brings everything you hope it will. 
From us, in our little house in Shropshire, Dog sends her own brand of seasonal greetings and I offer you blessings for the Winter Solstice and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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