WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 6 – Advice from Churchill

Yesterday the United Kindgom remembered the life and death of Winston Churchill. This is my small commemoration of a man who, rightly or wrongly, shaped the face and fate of my county in so many ways. When WWI broke out, Churchill was a member of the Cabinet, holding the position of First Lord of the … Continue reading WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 6 – Advice from Churchill

Words from the Week

Very unsurprisingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom of speech this week. For me, the ability to speak my mind, share my thoughts, question things I’m not comfortable with, is something I value extremely highly. There have been a lot of quotes, hashtags, and articles flying around in the wake of the terrorist attack … Continue reading Words from the Week

New Year, New Words

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope the first eight days of 2015 have been kind to you. A lot of things have happened in the interval since I last posted some words, so this might be a little longer than normal. This post was also not written today, but rather in bits and … Continue reading New Year, New Words

Twelve Days of Ficmas (plus Christmas Eve)

Over on my live journal I've been posting a short fan fiction each day since Christmas Eve, each from a different two word prompt.Today marked the posting of the final fic and I can honestly say I’m sad to be done with them. Creating these stories has completely refreshed my writing mojo and I’ve had … Continue reading Twelve Days of Ficmas (plus Christmas Eve)