Twelve Days of Ficmas (plus Christmas Eve)

Over on my live journal I’ve been posting a short fan fiction each day since Christmas Eve, each from a different two word prompt.

Today marked the posting of the final fic and I can honestly say I’m sad to be done with them. Creating these stories has completely refreshed my writing mojo and I’ve had an absolute blast working from the prompts and trying out styles and formats I’d probably not otherwise have attempted. I didn’t even get panicked when my good intentions to have them all written and polished before I posted the first one on Christmas Eve completely fell apart and I ended up finishing all bar one of them off on the days they went up.

If I had to pick a favourite, I think I’d be hard pushed to choose between To Share The Blessings (my first foray into ACD Holmes ‘verse), Ring In the New (the Cabin Pressure/Sherlock cross over completely narrated Arthur down the phone to Tiffy) and Beautiful Dreamer (Mycroft-centric reminisces on Sherlock’s childhood).
Anyway, 8,307 words and thirteen stories later, here is the master list for my 2014 Twelve Days of Ficmas:
1. A Pixyish Whimsical Fellow – BBC Sherlock– Sherlock/John – Omegaverse & part of the “All the little things” series – 1,068 words.
In which Hamish asks a question, Sherlock provides an answer, and John is impressed.
2. It’s The Thought That Counts – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John – Post Series 2, post reunion, but Series 3 does not exist – 1,077 words.
Christmas Day is almost over, yet there is one last gift for Sherlock to open.
3. You Can Tell A Lot About A Man From His Shoes – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John – a look at the working of Sherlock’s mind, Series 3 does not exist – 867 words.
Sherlock’s interest in details had to start somewhere. So did his interest in John
4. No Regrets – Cabin Pressure – Caroline/Herc – Post Zurich – 50 word drablet.
On landing in Abbis Ababa.
5. If You Like Pina Coladas – BBC Merlin – Merlin/Arthur – University AU – 381 words.
In which Arthur discovers he does. Lots of them. Funnily enough Merlin’s not so keen.
6. To Share The Blessings – ACD Holmes – written as Holmes & Watson but could be read as closeted Holmes/Watson – 524 words.
Found in the dispatch box of Dr J. H. Watson, and dated August 1902, it is believed that the good doctor intended this to be a short preface to his record of the events encompassed in The Three Garridebs. Due to the state of both paper (badly degraded) and writing (excitable to the point of illegibility) is has not been possible, until now, to share it with the world.

7. Two Stops And Home – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock & Lestrade – Post Reichenbach, Pre Reunion –591 words.
The littlest of things can spark the most important of memories.
8. It’s What You Do At Christmas – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John – Series 3 doesn’t exist – 211 words.
How do you react when you find out two of your mates have got together? Well, if your name is Gregory Lestrade, you use the opportunity to make a really appalling pun.
9. Ring In The New – Cabin Pressure/BBC Sherlock crossover – Martin/Theresa, Sherlock/John – Post Zurich, Post Reichenbach, Sherlock Series 3 doesn’t exist – 664 words.
It’s been a brilliant New Year’s Eve and Arthur just has to phone Tiffy to tell her all about it.
10. So Near And Yet So Far – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John – Post Reichenbach, Pre-Reunion – 697 words.
Sherlock’s only been away six months but London is calling him home, if only for the briefest of visits. At least he thought it was London that was calling.
11. An Early Birthday Present – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John – Series 3 doesn’t exist – 393 words.
John takes a bit of a risk with Sherlock’s gift.
12. Beautiful Dreamer – BBC Sherlock – Sherlock/John, Mycroft & Sherlock – Post Series 2, Series 3 doesn’t exist – 972 words.
As far as descriptions of Sherlock go this isn’t one most people would come up with, or even realise could be true. Mycroft Holmes, however, is very definitely not most people.
13. If Music Be The Food Of Love – ACD Holmes – Holmes/Watson – Retirement fic – 812 words.
Watson muses on what Holmes has brought into his life.
I want to end this post by offering a heartfelt thank you to all the lovely people who joined me in this endeavour; who left prompts, read, kudosed, commented and generally cheered me on with these stories. I am so grateful to you all for helping me start 2015 in such a positive and creative frame of mind.

Oh, and I’ll definitely be doing this again next year!

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