Words from the Week

It’s been a busy week all round, hence this being two days late.

Exciting writing-y and fannish things first:

1) I have finally started to pen my reviews of some of the things I visited and did over my London weekend and the first of them, a review of the Gay’s the Word bookshop, is now up.

2) The wonderful artist Detectivelyd finished the picture of John Watson I commissioned from her. It is a tie in to my First In, Last Out series where John was an officer in 42 Commando, specifically related to the second story in the series, The Letter, where Sherlock finds some old photos of John’s time in the Royal Marines. Lyd turned my description of one of the pictures into reality:

This is the link to where I’ve reblogged it on my tumblr, please go and give it, and Lyd, some love for being fabulous!

3) On Wednesday night Cat and I went to see the cinema broadcast of RSC’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. Short version: it was wonderful. A slightly longer review can be found here.

Workwise, well, manic is too polite a term because we’re in the process of moving offices. Which means that I, along with the rest of the department, have been sorting, filing, shredding and filling archive boxes, trying to make sure than when we are actually shipped from this building to our new home (which happens at the end of next week) nothing gets lost. I am not overly optimistic that the new space is going to work for us given that, as a department, Treasury simply cannot be squashed into the “one-size fits all” working approach that the powers-that-be want the company’s employees to adopt. It’s clear that they’ve looked at how the majority of the company runs but they do not appear to be willing to hear that there are some areas where a general approach will not work. However, this may be the pessimist in me getting a head start and you can never truly know what will happen until it does (yes, thank you Captain Obvious for that illuminating statement) so I shall temper my worries as far as possible and do everything I can to make the change a successful one.

Dog is still limping intermittently but seems much better. Thankfully Mum and Dad were able to spare another week to stay with me, so she hasn’t have to go in and out of the dog door, which I’m  certain has speeded recovery. The Vet was consulted, and I asked about glucosamine (as helpfully suggested by ladyprydian) and I am going to try here on tablets of that as well as continuing to supplement her diet with joint sticks, since the Vet also believes that it is arthritis that is bothering her.

As far as Get Your Words Out goes, happily I’m now back on track for the month; between 1stFebruary and last night I’ve clocked up 8,933 words. This is pleasing especially since I have started drafts of several short stories that were on my to-write list and I’ve also – although this is not in the word count – done some further reviewing and reworking of “As Nature Intended” the first of the multi-chaptered WIPs of shame that I’m trying to get finished this year. In the next week my intention is to get another short story up (a gift that will be shared as part of the Let’s Write Sherlock challenge 19: Spreading the Love), get some countable words down on the ANI WIP and get my meta on the RAMC (both its history as a Corps and the way it is currently organised) polished and posted.

Now, however, I must bid you adieu since there is a pile of house work that will no longer be ignored. Such is life.

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