Sherlock, John, and the Mystery of the Embroidered Matchbox

Yesterday a parcel arrived all the way from America, sent by my wonderful friend Azriona who, as well as being an excellent writer, is the queen of all things embroidered and sewn.

The present inside was so unique and so lovely that I couldn’t help but wonder what my favourite detective and his blogger would make of it.  So I left it on the shelf in my library and waited, camera in hand, hoping I’d capture something I could use as a thank you.

Sherlock & John did not disappoint, so this is for you, Azriona my dear:

The Mystery of the Embroidered Matchbox – A story told entirely in pictures …

I think they both enjoyed the story. Or I hope they did!

And this is a picture of the beautiful embroidered matchbox and the handbound minature book of containing one of my Sherlock fics – The Lamps Go Out – so you can see just how much work Azriona put into it.

I’m crossing my fingers that she likes the use I’ve made of it, because I don’t know how else to show just how much I appreciate this.

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