Words from the Week

Last week my words were not for me but for Terry Pratchett
This week is sort of back to normal. Except that I’m still ill. 
It’s an insidious sort of ill, the joints and muscles aching, struggling to get thoughts from brain to mouth (or fingers) sort of malaise that is as exhausting as it is irritating. I lost my voice at the weekend and my glands swelled up, giving me the appearance of a grumpy hamster and meaning that the SH Midlands meet carried on without me and I didn’t make it to a friends birthday party. I wouldn’t mind I could put a name to this sickness but all the blood tests have come back negative and I’m just left wondering what the hell is going on in my veins and sinews.
Anyway, upshot is that all I’m really managing, day-to-day, is getting the job I’m paid to do done and then getting myself home. Fiction has ground to a halt, pretty much ,(although I’m almost finished with what was going to be a quick little meta on British Military Medals as they apply to John and Sholto and has turned into three separate ones – John, Sholto and a timeline of John’s life as I head canon it – that currently stand at over 8k) and I’ve stopped trying to hit my Get Your Words Out goal because if I don’t, it’ll end up as a stick rather than a carrot.
What does please me is that I’m not getting too upset about the lack of doing anything much after 7pm on a work night. Whilst I do not wish to count my chickens, I must say that I think I’m getting much better at listening to my body and acting according to its needs rather than either pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion and making matters worse or behaving sensibly but berating myself so much for not being able to do everything I want to that my stress and guilt levels go through the roof. All I’m concentrating on is making sure I can manage to get the important things done and being grateful for that, in the hopes that I’ll be feeling a little better before I get on a plane to Venice in a few weeks.
However, I do have some things – other than going to work – that I need to complete before the end of the month, and I’m going to list them here for both accountability and a reminder that I cannot say yes to anything else:
1) Medals metas – finish and post
2) Belated Birthday fic for 221b_hound
3) Thank you fic for Detectivelyd
4) Holmesfest fic
5) Tidy up and post WWI blog piece
6) 3 fic recs for Watsons Woes – to post start of April
7) Discussion post for Get Your Words Out on what I’m currently reading – to post start of April
If there’s anything that I’ve promised anyone that isn’t on the list, please tell me because my brain only seems to be able to keep a finite number of things in it at the moment and it’s pretty much taken up with work.
Dog is now giving me her “if you don’t take me for a walk now I shall perish in abject misery” look (patent pending) and I feel obliged to oblige. Such is life!

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