Having said I shall be posting Monthly Musings, the question remains: On what should I muse?

And this is the question I am asking you, dear readers. 
I will continue to share a bit about what I’ve been up to in the monthly post but, on reflection, I’ve realised that I’d like the main part of the post to be a bit more interesting. I’m aiming for it to be a little less “all about me” and a bit more “all about X” and I’d like X to be something you’re all interested in hearing about. 
So hit me up with topics, please. Anything you fancy, mundane or completely conceptual, personal or general, and on anything under the sun. My only proviso is that the topic is nothing directly political, for the simple reason that I’d like writing these to be relaxing, rather than raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels!
PS Dog has demanded that I inform you all that this change of format will not stop me sharing what she’s been up to and that I will, in fact, be adding a specific section to the end of the post call The Doings of Dog. I, on the other hand, am uncertain that her ego needs the additional boost of such dedicated attention but since I was talking about her every week anyway I suppose I can’t complain. I also cannot deny that I enjoying sharing the photos of her with you all!

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