WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 11 – Another Month of War

Another run-down of the main events that occurred across all theatres of war in a month, this time June 1915. Unfortunately I’ve not had the time to source photographs or illustrations but if you know of any, please link me and I’ll add them when I have time.

2nd June
  • The British Government announce they are to blockade the coast of Asia Minor.


3rd June
  • Przemysl retaken by Austro-German forces.
  • Amara (Mesopotamia) captured by British forces.
  • First meeting in Paris of Allied Conference on Economic War.
  • San Marino declares war on Austria-Hungary.


4th June
  • Third Battle of Krithia  – part of the campaign in the Dardanelles.


5th June
  • First Conference of British and French Ministers to co-ordinate war policy and strategy held at Calais.


7th June
  • The first airship to be successfully attacked by an aeroplane (German airship “L.Z.-37”) was destroyed mid flight near Ghent by Lieut. Warneford, R.N.A.S
  • Russian and Chinese Governments conclude agreement respecting Mongolia.
  • First meeting of Dardanelles Committee of the British Cabinet – this was simply the War Council renamed for the duration of the Dardanelles campaign.
  • Allied Commander-in-Chief in the Cameroons decides to abandon the advance on Yaunde.


8th June
  • Stanislau recaptured by Austrian forces.


9th June
  • Monfalcone (Isonzo) taken by Italian forces.


10th June
  • Garua (Cameroons) capitulates to the Anglo-French force under General Cunliffe.
  • Battle of Zydaczow begins.


12th June
  • Battle of Mosciuska and Lubaczow begins.


14th June
  • Turkish forces attack Perim.


15th June
  • Battle of Mosciuska and Lubaczow ends.


17th June
  • Third Battle of Lemberg begins.


18th June
  • Second Battle of Artois ends.


19th June
  • South African forces begin advance on Otavifontein.
  • Dr. José de Castro succeeds Senhor J. P. Chagas as Portuguese Premier.


22nd June
  • Third Battle of Lemberg ends: city retaken by the Austrian forces.
  • Battle of Zydaczow ends.


24th June
  • Mr. Lansing succeeds Mr Bryan as United States Secretary of State.


26th June
  • San Giovanni de Medua (Albania) occupied by Montenegrin forces.
  • General Sukhomlinov, Russian Minister for War, removed from office.


27th June
  • British forces begin to advance up the Euphrates.
  • Battle of the Gnila-Lipa begins.


28th June
  • Action of Gully Ravine begins – part of the campaign in the Dardanelles.
  • Operations of the first advance on Yaunde (Cameroons) end.
  • Ngaundere (Cameroons) captured by the allied Northern Force.


29th June
  • First Battle of the Isonzo begins.
  • Battle of the Gnila-Lipa ends.

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