Monthly Musings for August – a very early edition!

I am pretty much running on empty right now, so this is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.

I’m going on a total posting hiatus until October 9th because I just don’t have the time or energy to create any new content until my first exam is done (when I still won’t have much time, but there will be a little space for being a chatty human again).
However I have already written my WWI: Fifty two months post for September so you will see that, and there will be a review of Alastair Duncan’s latest book that will appear in the next week because I promised to do one. Other than that, the only be two things that you’ll see from me between now and October are: 
1) a reaction post to my first viewing of Hamlet (on Saturday), and 
2) a full review of Hamlet after my second viewing (at the start of September).
In happy news, I went to see High Society on Saturday 1stAugust and had a “swellegant” time. So much so that I did find the time to write a review and it is here if you want to read it. I also posted the WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts for August, focusing on the Munitionettes, and you can find that here.
In even happier news, it’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow (and a rather special one at that), so the next four days are going to be spent not worrying about anything at all other than if Mum is having a brilliant time. There will be trips to National Trust properties, visits to lovely tea shops, a day in London (for the Hamlet matinee amongst other things) and all the other things that should make up a proper celebration, including a few bottles of some delightfully fizzy stuff.
More importantly, I bring you THE DOINGS OF DOG
Dog has been informed of the development re lack of posts and has acquiesced gracefully to the enforced hiatus.
However before this happens she wishes it to be known that she has yet again had to step up the border patrols thanks to the ever bolder incursions of what she-who-thinks-she-is-pack-leader calls “those blithering squirrels” and has been forced to investigate the many attempts to burrow into her territory. Dog seems to have misheard me because I’ve never been that polite about those pesky rodents burying stuff in my garden. I’ve been even less polite about the “investigation” Dog has been conducting since my lawn resembles a scale model of a bomb site, or possibly what would happen if moles worked in reverse. She has also be preparing for the birthday of she-who-fluffles-my-ears-in-a-loving-manner by sending she-who-thinks-she-is-pack-leader out to purchase appropriate gifts and then sniffing them to ensure suitability. I, on the other hand, could have done without trying to find more than one appropriate card that didn’t involve the word old, or look as if it’d been designed by an epileptic spider with a pastel obsession.
Her final instruction is that I must tell you all that she knows this will be a painful separation for you all but that you should not be upset. Instead you must do as she does – patrol your borders regularly, snooze in the sun as often as is practical, only steal food when no-one is looking and above all remember that if in doubt, sneeze wildly and then bark like heck and all will be well.
Or you could look at these pictures instead:
Here I am, most noble and wisest of hounds.
But I think this is my best side.
For me?
Well … if you’re sure
Don’t mind if I do!
Om nom nom nom!
Note to Self: Doggie selfies don’t work
And there I must leave you. I hope you’re all well, happy and that you have a lovely couple of months. I’ll see you on the flip side of exam number one, when hopefully I’ll be a smidgeon less stressed and ready to start studying for exam number two! 
Love to you all x x x x
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