Hello! I’m not dead …

… just completely caught up in trying to do ALL THE THINGS.

I’m so sorry that there won’t be any monthly musings. Despite me having finished my first exam (it happened, I did my best, I don’t get the result ’til mid-December) work is still manic and because I’d put off so many chores and “grown up” things in the run up to said exam I’ve been chasing my tail ever since (even though this has been my study free month). I’d say I’m hopeless but I’m not, just human with only 24 hours in a day!

Anyhow, I know that what you all miss the most about my musings is THE DOINGS OF DOG, and Madam misses dictating them, so I thought I’d just pop a quick one in here.

She commands me to tell you that since it is her eleventh birthday next tuesday she expects you all to send electronic birthday greetings. In return for this outpouring of love (which she assures me is something you all desperately want to do) she will pose for pictures that will show you all just how a birthday should happen. Your transcriber would like to point out that since she’ll be at work all day and has not, as yet, even managed to get Dog a present, these pictures may be a disappointment to both you and her! 

She also wishes to notifiy you that she has, entirely succesfully, continued her assiduous protection of the borders, worked on an upgrade to The Warning Bark (speculatively titled The Growl of Terror), and has ensured that Those Pesky Squirrels haven’t managed to hide one single nut in HER lawn. Your transcriber thinks entirely successful is stretching the point somewhat, since the Growl of Terror sounds like a cross between a lion with something stuck in its throat and one of those heavy breather phone pests, only with bronchitus (although to be fair it frightens your transcriber every time she hears it) and the lawn, which may possible be free of squirrel hords, also now looks like a scale replica of Beaumont Hammel the day after the start of the Battle of the Somme.

Finally I am commanded to give you the two  best of the photos taken of Dog whilst I have been neglecting my duties as her transcriber and doing all the silly studying. I think they’re rather lovely!

She also sends woofs, licks and waggles to you all!

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