Monthly Musings for December or "Where has the year gone?"

How in the heck can it be 21st December already? Who stole my year? Come on, own up, I promise not to be too hard on you …
Oh wait, I remember, I stole all my own time with studying and work and generally trying to do ALL THE THINGS.  And I have done a lot this year, even if I haven’t had time to write about it and share in the way I’d have liked. So I suppose I should stop complaining. I should also thank all the wonderful people who were a part of the year. You all know who you are and I hope you know how fabulous you are already but if not YOU ARE BRILLIANT AND I ADORE YOU ALL.

I do feel a quite bad at the moment though, because people who I love dearly and who I really like to spend time with keep asking me to go see things and meet up and I keep having to say no because I just can’t – not and stay sane. Which makes me feel like the worst friend in the world even though everyone I’ve had to turn down has been lovely about it. Gah.
Still, it’s now officially the season to be jolly so I shall stop getting worked up about things I can’t do anything about and set about finished the last of the cards and wrapping the remaining presents in my breaks between studying for both my Corporate Funding and Finance exam (I bet you all wish you could study it too, with an exciting title like that) and the re-sit for my Risk Management exam (yes, sadly I didn’t pass in October – only a marginal fail but still, not the best news).
I’m also going to say now that – other than my WWI monthly posts and possibly a few cute pictures of Dog – I’m going to be Missing In Action until mid-June next year at the earliest. This is because ALL THE STUDY for the exams will take up the first three and a half months of 2016, and then I’ll be playing catch up at work for a month before disappearing on a three week long retreat where there will be no internet, no phones, no way of contacting the outside world (it will just be me and my thoughts and I honestly can’t wait). Following that I have huge amount of things I’ve put off doing because I’ve been studying like a mad woman that will need attending to (mostly house hold tasks but also including my writing) and then … well, we’ll see.
But I make no promises that the pre-2015 me will ever return in terms of internet time or fandom activities. What I do know is that, whatever direction I decide to go, it will be the right thing for me and I will not lose touch with all the lovely friends I’ve made along the way. 
But enough of me. You’re not really here for that anyway. You’re here for …

And currently Dog is, as well as being the cutest thing on four legs, incredibly unimpressed with me because I epically failed to post her Birthday pictures in a timely manner.
I have been told that I must gravel at all your feet in my most Pumbah-eque manner (minus the farting) and abjectly apologise for depriving you of the Labrador-y goodness for so long.  Please imagine me doing now … … … … And that’s enough. I’m not as young as I used to be and my knees can’t take it.
Anyway, without further ado, I present The Birthday Of Dog!

This is my best side, take it now!
But I also look beautiful straight on

Put the camera down and give me my birthday treat!
It’s completely exhausting being the centre of attention!
This birthday she turned 11 in human years, which is 77 in dog years and quite an acheivement. The toy in the first picture was a gift, as was the tasty treat. And she approved most heartily of the new collar which, now she is old, is purple!
She also says that she loves you all and – in case I manage to forget to post anything else between now and the end of the year – sends you Christmassy woofs and New Year licks, just like this one she gave me:
I am not attractive when being licked. 
She, on the other hand looks very cute.
On the basis that the Dog has a very good point about the posting, I send you all Winter Greetings too, and hope you all have a lovely rest of December and a glorious 2016. And have a final pic of me, looking as festive as I’m going to get!
You see what a difference a lick of make up can make.
Better than a lick of dog saliva in any case!

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