The Wipers Times – faithful reproduction of the second chapter of the Herlock Shomes serialisation; 26th February 1916

Herlock Shomes at it Again.



CHARACTERS: – Same as last week


Intha Pink, a pioneer, while passing the Cloth Hall, Typers, the scene of the dinner given to commemorate the 73rd year of office of the mayor of that town falls into a crump-hole. Here we left him.





We now leave to the imagination of our gentle reader the nature of Intha’s soliloquies in the crump-hole, and turn to a series of tragic events which were occurring in the Denin Road. It being feast night in Typers, the road was surging with a merry crowd pushing and jostling their way, eager to taste the delights the town had to offer, but there were, amongst that motley throng, two people who were destined to play principle parts in the most profound and murky mystery that had ever baffled the aged and doddering constabulary of Typers – One was Honoria, the frail but anaemic daughter of the shell-fish merchant of Hooge, and the other was – Shomes! –

That night the shell-fish merchant, having run out of vinegar, had despatched his fair daughter to Typers to procure a fresh supply, and all have gone well with her until reaching the Culvert, she, catching sight of the lifeless from of Bill Banks, gazing placidly at the sky, had given three heart-rending shrieks and fallen in the dark and silent waters of the Bellewarde Bec – waters flowed on – but this was not to pass unnoticed – Holmes was in the district, and whipping out his vermoral sprayer with his right hand, he gave three rounds rapid into his forearm, while wit his left he proceeded to tune up his violin. Dr. Hotsam, who had walking in his shadow, hearing the haunting strains of the violin rushed forward to his side, exclaiming “What is it Sholmes?” – Sholmes, with that grandiloquent gesture for which he is justly famed, said “You know my methods, Flotsam!” and fell into the Bec – Flotsam not to be outdone, seized the vermoral sprayer, and fell in also – the water of the Bec flowed on –

 (To be Continued.)

N.B. Next week: – A fresh supply of characters, and another thrilling instalment.

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