The Wipers Times – faithful reproduction of the fifth chapter of the Herlock Shomes serialisation – 17th April 1916

This chapter appeared in the first volume of The “New Church” Times after Roberts & Pearson had been sent to Neuve Eglise.

Herlock Shomes at it Again.

CHARACTERS: – Same as last week



Snowflakes were falling heavily aroud Hordon Goose Farm, where we left Herlock with the fair Honoria. Breezy Bill, the Bouncing Butcher of Bellewarde had just been hit in the neck by a whizz-bang when the chug-chug of a motor cycle was heard.

“Can it be Intha?” cried Honoria, while Sholmes proceeded to tune his violin.

“No!”  – roared he, as a motor dispatch rider came round Fell Hire Corner – “News at last from my Baker Street Squad.”

Hurriedly tearing open and reading the despatch, the true Sholmes stood revealed in all his strength and method. Seizing his vermoral sprayer, he rapidly squirted an enormous dose into his forearm.

Just then the voice of the faithful Hotsam was heard calling “Where are you, Sholmes?”

“Here” replied the great detective, rapidly emptying his revolver at the approaching figure.

“Thank goodness I’ve found you at last, but you nearly got me that time,” said Hotsam admiringly.

“Never mind, better luck next time” said Sholmes, sotto voce, to Honoria. Aloud, “To work, there’s mischief afoot. Thank heaven I attended that two days course at the Technical School, I shall now be up to all their dodges.”

Drawing a searchlight from his pocket, he read the fateful message:-

“Division moves to-morrow at dawn AAA You will assemble all characters at zero fifteen outside Cloth Hall, Typers, P13 D 1-1 in time to catch the underground for *_ _ _ _ at zero twenty AAA On arrival there steal any rations you can find, and carry on with serial AAA – EDITOR”

“At last!” shouted the great sleuth.

“At last!” shouted the others, as they busily collected the usual paraphernalia of the great man.

“Hotsam,” cried Sholmes, “send off the orderly sergeant at once to warn all Characters. Then meet me at the Denin Gate.”

With these words he disappeared into the gloom and a crump-hole. All these arrangement having been made, Hotsam and Honoria continued their journey down the Denin Road, arriving in Typers just in time to meet Intha Pink before he left for his nightly word. Having rapidly given him a summary of al that had happened, they went into a neighbouring estaminet to await the fateful hour of zero.

(Another long and thrilling instalment next week.)

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