WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 21 – Another Month of War

A look at the major events of the conflict during April 2016

Saturday 1st
British forces on the River Tigris renew their attempts to break Turkish lines and relieve the besieged garrison at Kut-al-Amara.

Sunday 2nd
More than 100 men and boys die in an explosion at the Explosives Loading Company munitions factory in Faversham, Kent as a store of TNT and ammonium nitrate blows up.

Further pictures and details can be found here:

Monday 3rd
The Greek Government refuse to allow an overland route for Serbian troops from Corfu to Salonika.

Tuesday 4th
Russian General Aleksei Brusilov replaces General Nikolay Iudovich Ivanov as commander of the Southern Front.

Wednesday 5th
Allies make a final attempt to relieve the garrison at Kut-al-Amara but despite initial success in Falahiya the Turks hold the garrison.

Thursday 6th
German troops push forward toward Bethincourt and Hill 265 in the Battle of Verdun.

Friday 7th
Russian foreces renew their offensive at Lake Naroch, with limited success

Saturday 8th
French forces evacuate Bethincourt at Verdun.


Sunday 9th
German forces launch a co-ordinated attack on both side of the Meuse and capture part of Le Mort Homme (which includes Hill 256 and Hill 296), northwest of Verdun.

Monday 10th
In Paris the international Olympic Committee confirm that the Games will not be held until the War is over.

Tuesday 11th
Portuguese troops occupy Kionga in German East Africa.

Friday 14th
Aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service fly from Mudros and attack Constantinople and Adrianople.

Saturday 15th
The Serbian Army land at Salonika (having sailed from Corfu).

Sunday 16th
German forces bombard Hill 304 at Verdun.

Monday 17th
British forces in German East Africa launch and attack on Kondoa Irangi.


Tuesday 18th
Russian forces capture Trebizond on the Black Sea from Turkey with no opposition.

Wednesday 19th
British forces capture Kondoa Irangi in German East Africa

Thursday 20th
Russian troops arrive at Marseilles form the Far East to fight in France.

Friday 21st
Irish revolutionary Roger Casement lands at Tralee Bay in County Kerry, Ireland from a German Submarine and is arrested by British authorities.*

Roger Casement

Saturday 22nd
A British forces attack on Sanna-i-Yat is repulsed during the Siege of Kut.

Monday 24th
The river steamer HMS Julnar sinks during a final attempt to provide supplies to the besieged troops at Kut-al-Amara.

The Easter Risings begin in Ireland when Republicans stage an armed insurrection against British rule with the aim of establishing an independent Ireland.*

The Declaration that was read out on the steps of Dublin’s
General Post Office by Patrick Pearse (who had written most of it)

Tuesday 25th
A German naval squadron bombard Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth on the east coast of Britain.

Wednesday 26th
An agreement is signed in Berlin for the repatriation of sick and wounded British and German POWs to Switzerland.

British Gunboat Helga bombards the city of Dublin from the River Liffy and destroys Liberty Hall.*

Thursday 27th
Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord Wimborne, proclaims martial law in Ireland.*

After nearly five months besieged, General Charles Townshend surrenders the garrison at Kut-Al-Amara to the Turks.

General Sir Charles Townshend

Sunday 30th

The Lake Naroch offensive ends with German victory after the Russian attack peters out.

* The story of the Easter Risings in Ireland deserve their own post, which I have not had time to write. In an attempt to make amends, I recommend checking BBC iPlayer for several programmes and documentaries they broadcast on the subject over the centenary and also seeing if your local library can get hold of the following books for you to start your researches with:

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