The Wipers Times – faithful reproduction of the fifth chapter of the Herlock Shomes serialisation – 8th May 1916

This chapter appeared in the second volume of The “New Church” Times 

Herlock Shomes at it Again.






CHARACTERS: – Same as last week




Sholmes and Co having arrived at their new sphere of action speedily got going again. Intha Pink seized his hammer and nail and fell off the bus when near Hype Park Corner. Mean-while Hotsam had disappeared into the darkness on a mysterious errand, taking the fair Honoria with him.

Lizzie, as she saw his stalwart form disappearing from her sight, cried “Do not leave me Herbert,” but a curse was her only answer. In despair she threw herself in the way of a passing whizz-bang and disappeared from our tale.

Intha crept rapidly towards his objective, and had almost succeeded in attaining his end, when a machine gun spat in his direction. Completely perforated: yet he smiled happily, and murmured “It’s a blightie.” Here we leave him, and turn to a series of eventful happenings on the banks of the Douve.

Hotsam, stil dragging Honoria and perspiring freely, had managed to reach the lifeless form of Bill Banks, when a 17in. shell detonated between them.

Hissing out “We are discovered” he hurriedly grabbed Honoria and made off. But not far. Alas! His foot slipped, and with his burden he fell into the turbid waters below. The waters flowed on.

Sholmes, appearing on the scene some hours after, rapidly began looking for clues. Having found some, the great detective started off, but too late, the gas was on him, and he had left his vermoral sprayer in the bus.

And so ends this remarkable history or persistence and sagacity. The great enemy of the criminal is now only a name, but his methods must always remain one of the marvels of the criminal history of our nation.


[N.B.- Should there be a few characters not dealt with in this Chapter the reader must understand that they all met their deaths in the liquid fir attack.- THE AUTHOR.]

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