September Monthly Musings

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that no musings made an appearance for August. This was due to a combination of the vicious, unassailable headache, and exhaustion from keeping going in spite of said headache. Basically August was a wash out, as far as me having any form of social life or doing anything more than a bit of light reading, and although annoying I can’t do anything other than accept that and move on.
We’re now half way through September and although the combination of pills, working switching the light above my desk off, and working from home in the middle of each week seems to have beaten the headache into submission for 90% of the time, I’ve managed to catch a cold that will not go away and thus I’m grumpy as heck and still feel as if I’m running on empty.
Thus this is a very short musing.  But not an insignificant one.
Because a short story of mine has been accepted into an anthology! I’m not able to share any more details that that at the moment and sadly I don’t know exact date for publishing yet but be assured that the moment I do, I will be sharing it with you all. Because once that book is out I will be a published author and that small step along the path to being a published novelist is a huge step in bolstering my confidence. Now all I need to do is find the energy to turn a pile of notes and half formed ideas into a sensible essay and I may be able to say I have two things published in anthologies by the end of 2017.
In less positive news, I’m very aware that my attempt to write and share a post about WWI for each month of the war has faltered, and I am now two months behind. Instead of berating myself, I’m going to work on September’s post and get that up and then try to fill in the gaps once I’m feeling properly myself again.
There’s also been a dearth of reviews from me, since I’ve not been well enough for a theatre trip for months. This, will, I hope be rectified in the near future since the RSC have got cinecasts of Cymbeline and The Tempest coming up in the next five weeks and I’m intending to go to, and review, both if I’m feeling well enough. I’m also quite excited about the cinema releases of Doctor Strange at the end of October, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the middle of November, and Moana in December and I’ll be trying to do a post on each of those well.
I’ve also been fiddling with some flash fiction and short pieces of creative non-fiction and they may make an appearance on the blog if I can ever get comfortable with them. One piece that I have already shared was inspired by the Woodland Trust promoting the Tree Charter and asking everyone to add their voices to the Charter’s creation by sharing just what Tree’s mean to them. You can find my piece here, along with a link to the Tree Charter website in case you fancy adding your own thoughts to the mix.
And finally, it’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for:
(dictated by Dog, transcribed by She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader)

Since you were deprived of the gloriousness that is me for a whole month because She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader was very under the weather, I am going to make up for it by sharing very many pictures with you. This should sate your need for visual beauty and sustain you until October, when She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader has promised to take some extra special pictures of yours truly.

What your transcriber has not told Dog is that she’s going to attempt to dress her for Halloween. This may be the best idea your transcriber has had all year, or it may be a sign that she’s finally lost it. Only time will tell.
As well as ministering most solicitously to She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader whilst she has been suffering with pains in her head, I have continued to patrol the boarders assiduously and whilst The Warning BarkTM has had to be modified to stop She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader crying in pain every time I deploy it, I am pleased to report that this has not affected its effectiveness. Suffice to say neither the Squirrels nor that obsequies ball of fluff that should not be suffered to live have managed to encroach even an inch into my domain.

Your transcriber would like it to be known that watching Dog trying to bark quietly reduced her to tears of mirth and she wishes fervently she had recorded it. She has no idea if Dog genuinely understands about the headaches but apart from lowering the volume (when informing Squirrels, Crows, the fluffy thing in the garden at the back and leaves that have the temerity to fall from the trees that this is her garden and she will not tolerate interlopers) Dog has also been extra cuddly and administering Doggie kisses whenever an inch of your transcriber’s skin is available. Whilst this is sweet, your transcriber is starting to get dry skin on hands, ankles and elbows from all the extra washing!
I also wish it to be known that is only 48 sleeps until my birthday is upon us (4thNovember). I thought I should mention this in case any of my devoted followers were thinking about buying me gifts. Whilst the thought is most appreciated, I must be honest and say that She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader ensures that I want for nothing and I would not like you to waste your hard earned cash on little old me.

Your transcriber is in no doubt that the purchase of gifts for Dog had never crossed any of your minds but would add that if you do have a bit of spare cash, or any old blankets or cushions lying about, both she and Dog would think you were even more utterly brilliant than we already do if you donated them to your local Dog Rescue.
And now for the pictures. All of me on various walks and asleep in various places. All of them showing just how beautiful I am.

Your transcriber does not disagree with that assessment, but then your transcriber is highly biased.

And that is all for September from both of us, so we hope you have a lovely rest of month and a glorious autumn (or spring if you are reading in the southern hemisphere) altogether.

Merrily, merrily and onward we go!

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