Welcome to my new home!

Having struggled with the workings of blogger for seven years now I felt it was time to follow a new path. So I’ve moved myself,over here to Word Press.

Because I couldn’t resist putting a picture of a path in here!

I’ve not quite moved lock, stock and barrel, so blogger will continue to host the old version of “Where Kizzia Lives” and “Odds and Ends”  as I have neither the time nor the inclination to move all those posts across. However I have moved “WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts” over here completely (see “WWI: 52,52” in the menu above and “WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts” in the categories) and all new posts from here on out will be in this delightful new space.

I’m still getting used to the new way of doing things, and since I’ve picked the best* time of year work wise to make a significant change to my blogging environment and habits, I must crave both your patience and indulgence as I set out my shiny new stall and try to get everything working how I want it to!

*read worst – this time of year is always manic, and yet I couldn’t put the move off any longer!

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