Warmth, glorious warmth!

I’m happy to have it.
Heat all through the day,
No need for a blanket!

I shall now stop butchering “Food, glorious food” and explain why I’m delirious with happiness:


So no more waking up in the morning and wondering if the bedroom had been transported to the Arctic circle whilst I slept.

No more listening to such auditory delights as “chug-chug-chug-clang-whomphwhomphwhomph-pyonnnng-thunk” and wondering if this particular set of earth shattering noises heralded the day when the aged-wee-beasty-that-was-my-old-boiler actually exploded or if it was more of a death rattle and the poor thing would simply seize up and never work again.

No more avoiding the hall and downstairs office because they appeared to be preparing for a starring role in the next big thing in kitchen and interior decorating:
Why buy a fridge-freezer when you can just use a room in your house?

No more huddling on the sofa in a voluminous hoodie, wrapped in many blankets, and with Dog as a furry (not to mentioned interestingly fragrant) foot warmer and trying to pass off my actions as “living the Autumn aesthetic” rather than trying not to freeze to death in my living room.

Now it is true that during the installation of the new boiler a leak in the immersion heater cylinder was discovered and therefore I am, funnily enough, required to find more money to fix this rather urgent issue. However – and on the basis that you should always look at the positives of any situation – I choose not to dwell on the additional expense and instead be grateful that at least the early discovery of said leak means the escaped water has not had time to saturate the floor joists beneath the cylinder and therefore I am not likely to return home any time soon to find the whole thing has plummeted through the ceiling and broken the china cabinet.

And I shall end on this positive note by repeating the most positive thing of all, which is truly worthy of celebration:

The icy grip of winter no longer holds sway here and Kizzia is a warm elf!

I’m still wearing socks though.



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