It is November 8th 2016 …

and so today is the day that the people of America get to choose between Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton to run their country for the next four years. 

Donald is a man barely qualified to run a business (and judging by his business’s track record that’s being kind) who has been recorded saying that he sexually abuses women, is also racist, ableist and homophobic, and is generally a rather unpleasant person with an explosive temper and an inability to articulate his thoughts. Hillary, on the other hand, is a woman who has spent 30 years in and around the workings of the American Government, is currently the Secretary of State and is actually the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of the office never mind being even-tempered and someone who has worked, and will continue to work, for equality for everyone regardless of gender, colour, disability or sexual orientation. She also intensely intelligent and articulate and seems to be someone I’d happily call a friend should I ever be fortunate enough to spend enough time in her company for that label to be applicable. Obviously this means it’s a very tight race and some people are having a struggle choosing between the two.

I realise that, as a UK citizen, the American Election has little to do with me on a personal level but as a person who lives on this planet and is genuinely frightened by the thought of a man who can be baited by a tweet (and has, in fact, had this twitter account access removed by his team in the run up to polling day) having access to the nuclear codes I can’t let this pass without at least mentioning it on my blog. I really and truly hope that Hillary becomes President and that, with Bernie Sanders being Bernie and pushing her on her promises every step of the way, she can continue the progress that President Obama has been making …  and also not start a nuclear war because a foreign aide looked at her in a funny way or because Vladimir Putin told her to.

The United Kingdom has done enough damage to the world this year, with the farce that is Brexit and the xenophobic sentiments it seems to have unleashed in half the country, for me to wish that no one else in the world will make such a costly and damaging mistake. So I’m hoping like heck that all the people of American who can vote will get out there and vote for Hillary and in doing so will vote to keep a country that is already great on a path that will allow the greatness to grow, rather than turn onto one which will sink it back into a time where discrimination in so many forms was rife, cost hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives, and only the rich really benefited from government at all.

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