I Aten’t Dead

I’ve just been swallowed by work and the house, getting poorly, having a tooth out, doing all the visiting of family, and reading and writing that hasn’t included any bloggable content for a while. So my apologies for that! 

I can’t, however, promise much of an uptick in the blogging stakes over the next 18 months or so, due to more exams (no, didn’t quite get them all passed and now the system has changed, so what can you do but keep going) and my determination that now the house has all its internal stuff all up to date and delightful that it should get a fresh look to go with it. So I’m going to stop pretending that I’ll manage Monthly Musings for this year and instead offer a “Kizzia Quarterly” instead (no, I don’t know why I need these titles to involve alliteration, I just know that they do).  

This is not the first quarterly but I will get one up in the next couple of weeks offering a glittering array of “things what I have been doing” and also “things what Dog has been doing” since Christmas. I’ll then try and be a little more orderly about the remaining three quarters of the year and also get back to popping up book reviews and any other snippets that I happen to think you’ll all be interested in. 

Dog is still hale, hearty and delightful and she sends many woofs, licks and wags to all her wonderful admirers and promises that she will provide She-Who-Thinks-She-Is-Pack-Leader (i.e. me) with a full report for the quarterly that will bewitch your mind and ensnare your senses. Which means I should probably stop letting her listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks! 

Oh, and I’ve got an essay in the next edition of Spark (the e-newsletter from Improbable Press, the delightful publishers of the “A Murmuring of Bees” anthology which contains a short story from me) so if you’re not already signed up to receive them, go off and subscribe now. There are many wonderfully talented people who contribute to this bi-monthly newsletter and I promise you won’t regret it.  

And that’s it for the moment. Dog and I wish you all the happiest of May Bank Holidays if you’re in the UK and the happiest of end of April weekends if you’re not! 

And here are some bonus pictures of Dog, just because … 

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