Notes on creativity

I’ve been struggling with creating anything for a while now. This post by Nimue not only makes me feel like I’m not alone but also helps me see that not only am I allowed time out, I actually need it.

Druid Life

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know I’ve had ongoing struggles with creative work. The creative industries are a mess, austerity means many people can’t afford books, art or music. It’s really hard making a living at the moment. There’s only so much time and energy available to me. However, over the last six months or so I’ve learned a lot of useful things about staying creative, so, here’s what’s been helping me get moving again.

  1. Not using writing to pay the bills. It’s incredibly stressful and requires a rapid output, which I have found depressing and exhausting every time I’ve tried it. I am more likely to make money from writing if I write the things I want to write and then try to find a home for it, and not have making it pay be my primary concern. If I’ve got my…

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WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 36 – Centenary of the WAAC

On 7 July 1917 the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), the first all-women unit in the British Army, was officially instituted.  Between 1917 and 1921 over forty thousand women served, of whom around seventeen thousand served overseas (although not all at the same time). The WAAC owes its creation to two Scottish women who were … Continue reading WWI: Fifty two months, fifty two posts – 36 – Centenary of the WAAC