I still aten’t dead …

But the last eight months have been more exhausting than the previous two years and although the end is now near (there has to be a limit on how long employees can remain employed by an insolvent company) I still do not know exactly when it will be. Which means – since this level of anxiety and exhaustion does not, for me, mix well with producing content I’m happy to share with others – that my hopes of returning to regular posting in 2018 remain hopes and nothing more.

Self-care has to be the name of the game if I want to keep myself mentally and physically healthy so I’m going to give myself the time and space I need rather than force the issue. Once the work situation is resolved I will be able to make some decisions and start moving forward again and that will, I know, help with my energy levels and general positivity. That will, in turn, allow me to reconnect with my creating core and then – fingers crossed – the words will start to flow again. For now I will keep reading ALL the books and carry on crocheting ALL the things and allow myself to feel all the things I need to feel.

Dog is now 13 human years old which, according to the Pedigree dog age calculator, makes her 96 in dog years! She is still a very happy waggler, highly cuddly and eating well. However she can only manage short walks now (no more woodland ramblings, sadly), her back legs are often wobbly and she struggles to stand sometimes, plus she seems to have some sort of nervous disorder which has given her a slight palsy. Still, the Vet is happy that she’s doing as well as she can and therefore I am happy. As long as she is not in any pain and enjoying life then I will make the best of every day I have with her and make sure she has the best time she can.

She still barks at the marauding squirrels, does border patrol as often as she can manage and has enough speed to steal food should the opportunity arise. Her favourite hobby now, however, has gone from going on walks to snoozing contentedly on her fluffy cushion. As such I feel honour bound to share a photo of her doing what she loves best:

Snoozing Dog Jan 18

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and 2018 has been kind to you so far. I know the world remains a worry uncertain place for most of us but please take care of yourselves, dear readers, have courage and be kind.

K x

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