A Year in the Woods: April

April is my favourite month of the year and not just because it is my birthday month. It’s because this is the month when spring is properly sprung and the mix of flowers and the greenness of the new budding leaves is lush enough to drown in, should you be so inclined to do so.

This slideshow contains images compiled from all the walks taken during the month and showcases all the new growth and blooms to be seen in the woods:

  • Moon over the trees just after dawn
  • Bluebells on the side of the path leading to the woods proper.
  • King Cups, also called Marsh Marigold, proliferating on the edge of the stream
  • Lady's Smock, also called Cuckoo Flower, on the edge of the field by the wood.
  • Close up of a White Deadnettle flower
  • Bluebells in amongst the ferns with a few Wood Anemones and a Celandine.
  • Wood Anemones growing at the bottom of a tree trunk.
  • Close up of Early Dog Violets
  • English Oak leaves and catkins.
  • A white Bluebell in a sea of blue Bluebells.
  • An Early Purple Orchid surrounded by Bluebells.
  • Wild Garlic as far as the eye can see, with flower buds almost about to open.
  • Roots of a fallen tree covered with moss and Lady's Smock
  • Close up of Lady's Smock (also known as Cuckoo Flower)
  • Close up of Midland Hawthorn blossoms.
  • Wild Cherry blossoms against a vividly blue sky.

I have also, as is my want, taken several videos at different points in my walks so you can, if you watch all of them in order, take a virtual walk with me. I only wish I could include the glorious scents in the videos as well as what I can see and hear:

In the stream at the southerly edge of the woods
All the spring flowers in bloom at the highest point of the wood.
A carpet of Bluebells in every direction.
The Wild Garlic glade (with added Wood Anemones and Bluebells
The northerly edge of the wood with added birdsong.

The other lovely thing about April is that, if you are lucky, you will see some baby animals. I remain frustrated by the speed of the fox cubs and young rabbits so I unfortunately don’t have any photos of them to share with you. I will, of course, keep trying and if I am lucky you’ll be the first to know.

However I was blessed, during my dawn walk on the very last day of April, with an encounter I could both photograph and video:

Coot chicks on the Mill Pond at dawn.
Coot chicks on the Mill Pond at dawn.

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