This Sparks Joy! June 2021

person holding lighted sparkler during nighttime

June has, up until the past few days, been almost too warm for comfort but I’ve done my best not to complain because bright sunshine really does make me feel so much better about everything. It also generates a profusion of flowers and ensures my early morning walks are accompanied by the most fervent dawn choruses of the year.

The news that the reboot of the TV show Leverage (Leverage: Redemption) will be aired in the US in July (and hopefully won’t be far behind in the UK) has brought much joy this month as I decided to rewatch all 5 seasons of the original. I’m not done quite yet and I’m trying to savour each episode rather than zooming through on a binge (not entirely succeeding but I’m trying) and am being forcefully reminded that whilst each con is genuinely brilliant what I love most about the series is the found family dynamic of the team. Parker holds a very special place in my heart not just because of who she is and who she becomes but how that change happens through her relationships to the other four. If you haven’t seen the show before do check it out. You can stream it on Amazon Prime in the UK but it doesn’t have subtitles, unfortunately.

Twitter has produced several happy making threads and the three best are about cave art, wolves in Yellowstone, and the face on the CPR dummy Annie:

And I shall leave you with the flowers in the garden that are currently making me very happy and also a video of the starling fledglings proving that they have no manners, even when they have a bath.

  • Pale Pink Columbines
  • Light Purple Columbines
  • Purplish Pink Columbines
  • Deep Purple Columbines

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