Onwards into Silence

A shaft of light pierces grey-blue clouds illuminating a swath of sea

Having celebrated the summer solstice by greeting the almost invisible dawn in woods so wet with rain that I didn’t dare get my camera out to record any of it, I’m taking myself away on a retreat.

This is not the retreat I had hoped to be taking (that I spoke about in an earlier blog post) since the venue needed all the COVID restrictions to be lifted in order to operate. Instead I’m doing my best to recreate it without the travel and so I’m pretty much switching off all my electronic devices from tomorrow and not switching them back on until 4th July.

Having over a week of complete peace, with absolutely no demands on me other than to feed and care for myself, feels both decedent and utterly necessary. Taking the time and space to simply let my body have what it needs without deadlines or the requirement to consider anyone else is a luxury I’m very grateful for.

I had intended to schedule the last two of this months blog posts to go up whilst I was off grid but I’ve decided against that. Given how hinky WordPress’s scheduling system has been for me this year I realised this morning that I’d only worry it hadn’t worked and feel the need to log on and check. I also don’t want to post them both together so they’ll go up at the start of July once I’m back online, refreshed, rejuvenated, and raring to go!

So it’s goodbye from me until Monday 5th July at the earliest. In the interim I’ll leave you with the video I took just after the summer solstice dawn last year which has an abidingly peaceful quality to it:

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