Kizzia Crafts: May & June 2021

My “footsteps in the sand” rectangular shawl from my mystery yarn box is almost complete but, frustratingly, I reached the end of my yarn cake before I finished the last 3 rows of the edging. So I’m 23,120 stitches down with 1,020 stitches waiting for the additional yarn which thankfully is on the way from Crochet-UK, (Mel is excellent at providing small amounts of the final yarn cake colour to finish off if you find yourself in this predicament).

Since I can’t show you the finished item I’m going to hold off on photos until my next craft update. However I will say that I absolutely love the colour combination Mel put together in the cake and she couldn’t have done better with the rather vague description she was given of “something like a wildflower meadow”.

I’ve also completed a v-stitch shawl as a gift for a friend but, as it’s not been sent off yet and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, there are no photos of this one yet, either.

A yarn cake in pastel shades of purple, blue, green yellow and pink has a 3.5m wooden crochet hook and some pink crochet resting across it.

Once the gift shawl was done I started on what I’d been referring to in the privacy of my own head as my Pride Month project; a virus pattern poncho using a pastel rainbow yarn cake with a pearlescent thread running through. The yarn cake is 1500m of 3ply 50:50 cotton acrylic so should be light enough to wear to a Pride march even if it’s very hot. I’m hoping the virus pattern will mean it ends up looking a bit like feathered wings. As you can see from the picture the colours in the cake are delightful and the thread really adds a shimmer.

And in non-crochet crafting I spent my last afternoon of the month making a new bag for my favourite rune-stone set. I hadn’t intended on making a new bag but I picked them up to almost lose several out of the bottom of the old bag (an organza one that they’d come in) and realised it was too far gone for rescue. So I had a rummage in my scraps bag and found a lovely piece of green patterned cotton and matching ribbon I’d bought several years ago from the haberdashery in Glastonbury. After giving it a good iron I cut a rectangle off one side and spent the rest of the day hand stitching it into compliance. I’m very pleased with the result:

A cloth bag lies on top of a duvet. The bag is mottled forest green with irregularly scattered small black dots and has a drawn string closure made with a forest green fabric ribbon which is tied in a bow.
I love the way the green is so subtly mottled across the fabric. Also please excuse the creases in my duvet!

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