Pausing All Posts

Wooden scrabble tiles sit on a plain white table. They spell out: Pause Rest But Never Give Up

If you follow my Twitter you may have seen me make reference to the fact that life is coming at me fast and from every conceivable angle right now. I don’t want to go into details – because a) it isn’t just my own life that’s affected and b) despite what most social media apps would like you to believe actually keeping most of your personal stuff private is a really good idea for many reasons – but the end result is that what little time and energy I have left each day is barely enough to write my journal, never mind producing anything fit for anyone else’s consumption.

What this means practically is that my blog posting schedule has being consigned to the “this works if the world doesn’t gang up on you” basket and I make no promises on timing for any of my personal creative projects for the foreseeable future.

Basically there may be more posts this year but I have no idea how many or when. Oh, yes, and I’d be most grateful for any and all good vibes you could send my way!

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